October 31, 2008

Tips on Growing Marigolds

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Tips on Growing Marigolds


Marigolds are incredibly popular not only for their easy-going disposition, but their rapid growth in any sunny spot in your garden or windowsill.

In fact, if you dote over marigolds you may get lush, green growth at the expense of flowers. Their bright orange or yellow blossoms are known to attract butterflies from miles around.

Although science has yet to prove it, the old wive’s tale points to marigolds’ beneficial effects in dispelling common insect pests from the garden.

However, slugs & snails find marigolds extremely tasty and may gobble up an entire crop if left unchecked.

An excellent edging or border plant, marigolds easily tolerate reflected heat from garden walks or pavement, and usually withstand drought conditions without a fuss. Be sure to deadhead marigolds to ensure a longer blooming period throught the growing season …

On the Web – How to plant & grow marigolds :

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Marigolds – Facts & information on soil, water & sunlight requirements, planting & growth, with descriptions on several flower varieties.

Backyard Gardener – Marigolds & Pest Control – Good overview describing the flower’s ease of cultivation with sunlight & watering requirements, and its use in pest control & plant diseases.

Marigold – Complete fact sheet with how to’s on sunlight & watering requirements, susceptibility to pests & diseases, description of several varieties including African, French, Irish Lace and tangerine-scented marigolds.

Marigolds: Best Varieties for Butterflies – Along with lots of related marigold lore and history.

All About Marigolds – Feature article from Burpee Seed Co. on growing marigolds from seed, marigold cultivation, related pests & diseases, harvesting & culinary uses.

Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) – Brief description and how to’s on growing & propagation, plus more on medicinal & culinary uses with a complete recipe for marigold wine…                    


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